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In process, oil & gas and factory floor environments, wireless pressure sensors are already commonly used. These sensors are accurate, reliable and offer increased levels of customization (battery life, firmware/software); however, these features have created products that are costly ($1200+) for many applications, and many features are not typically needed. Honeywell's ISA100.11a-compliant Wireless Pressure Sensors, IS-WPS ISA100 Series, are designed to replace applications that are currently wired, or that are used in

  1. New applications where wired devices are not economical/feasible (i.e., wireless transmitters);
  2. Where wiring and connections cause reliability issues; or
  3. Where increased functionality can be realized by eliminating wires.

The IS-WPS Series provide a lower cost option to expensive wireless alternatives while offering the advantages of wireless over the next best alternative (a wired solution). The IS-WPS Series provide wireless benefits without the expensive features the customer's application often does not need.

Intrinsically Safe Wireless Pressure Sensors – IS-WPS ISA100 Series


ISA100 Intrinsically Safe Wireless Pressure Sensor, IS-WPS Series Datasheet Datasheet English 1MB
32317840: Installation & Technical Manual for the Intrinsically Safe ISA100 Wireless Pressure Sensor, IS-WPS Series Installation Instructions English 10MB
Measuring Pressure in Fluid Process Applications in Hazardous Areas Application Note English 154KB
Guide to Hazardous Location Approvals: MICRO SWITCH Hazardous Area Limit Switches Hazardous Location Approvals Documentation English 2MB
MICRO SWITCH Hazardous Location Approvals Matrix Hazardous Location Approvals Documentation English 518KB
Wireless Pressure Sensing for Pressure Sensing in Process Control & Manufacturing Application Note English 511KB
Fluid Level Monitoring in Storage Tanks and Reservoirs Application Note English 329KB
Limitless™ Wireless Solutions in Industrial Tank Level Monitoring Application Note English 2MB
Limitless™ Safety Shower and Eye Wash Alarm Solutions Application Note English 16MB
White Paper: Advantages of Combining Intrinsically Safe Equipment and Wireless Technology in Process Manufacturing White Paper English 6MB
Limitless™ Brochure Brochure English 4MB
White Paper: Wireless Switches Offer Unlimited Benefit White Paper English 122KB
Oil and Gas Brochure Brochure English 4MB
White Paper: The Need for a Well-Equipped Safety Shower and Eye Wash Station White Paper English 3MB
Technical Note: Best Practices to Improve RF Signal Quality Technical Information English 342KB
Wireless Technology for Retractable Roof Systems Application Note English 6MB
Technical Note: Wireless Network Security and Data Reliability Technical Information English 766KB
Technical Note: Electrical Components within Hazardous Location Environments Application Note English 122KB

Browse Intrinsically Safe Wireless Pressure Sensors–IS-WPS ISA100 Series Products

Product Display Connection Type Antenna Type
WPS1B12AGP1PFM1X with LCD 1/2 NPT male 2.0 dBi omni antenna
WPS1B12AGP1PJM1X with LCD 1/2 NPT male 2.0 dBi omni antenna
WPS1B12AGP3PKM1X with LCD 1/4 NPT female 2.0 dBi omni antenna
WPS1B12AGP4PLM1X with LCD 9/16-20 UNF female 2.0 dBi omni antenna


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