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In process, oil & gas and factory floor environments, wireless pressure sensors are already commonly used. These sensors are accurate, reliable and offer increased levels of customization (battery life, firmware/software); however, these features have created products that are costly ($1200+) for many applications, and many features are not typically needed. Honeywell's Limitless™ Wireless Point-to-Point Pressure Sensors, WPS Series, are designed to replace applications that are currently wired, or that are used in

  1. New applications where wired devices are not economical/feasible (i.e., wireless transmitters);
  2. Where wiring and connections cause reliability issues; or
  3. Where increased functionality can be realized by eliminating wires.

The WPS Series provide a lower cost option to expensive wireless alternatives while offering the advantages of wireless over the next best alternative (a wired solution). The WPS Series provide wireless benefits without the expensive features the customer's application often does not need.

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