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In demanding engine transmission control applications, Honeywell sensors, switches, and controls offer predictive capability, smoother operation, enhanced efficiency, and higher service life, reliability, safety, and quality than the competition. Honeywell products are designed to monitor speed, pressure, and temperature along with shifting position and torque measurement.

Predictive Capability

  • Engine forward and reverse directions controlled with SNDH-T speed and direction sensors
  • Oil pressure monitoring using HP, HE, ME, LP, LE, 5000 Series pressure switches

Smoother Operation

  • Hydraulic and oil temperatures measured by LTP, R300, and 500 Series packaged temperature probes
  • Fluid level sensing with MLH Series heavy-duty pressure transducers

Reliability and Quality

  • Gear speed with VRS, SNDH-H, SNDH-Q Series speed sensors
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