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Honeywell manufactures many sensors and switches that may be used in sport vehicles. These products provide repeatable and accurate sensing, lower failure rate and operational costs, and increased engineering support. They are designed to help the driver control the vehicle, and the vehicle, itself, perform at a high level.

Repeatable and Accurate Sensing

  • Power steering control sensing by SS490 Series Linear Hall-effect position sensor ICs or RPN Series Hall-effect position sensors
  • Gear position detection/throttle by wire by RTY Series position sensors

Lower Failure Rate and Operational Costs

  • Hydraulic, brake, and fuel-tank sensing with PX2 and MLH heavy-duty pressure transducers
  • Wheel speed, transmission speed, and MPH sensing with VRS, SNDH-H Series, and SNG-Q Series speed sensors

Increased Driver Control

  • Brake system sensing by PX2, MLH, 13mm, and 19mm heavy-duty pressure transducers
  • Multi-function handlebar controls with 1080HD Series and custom handlebar controls
  • Vehicle on/off using Honeywell key or rotary switches
  • Brake switch indicator with Series 1000 pressure switches
Sensors and switches for sport vehicles - Honeywell

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