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Honeywell manufactures many sensors and switches that may be used in rail equipment. These products provide repeatable and accurate sensing, lower failure rate and operational costs, and increased engineering support. They are designed to help control and sense both the train, rail, and communication network.

Enhanced Safety

  • Measurement of pneumatic brake pressure by MLH Series heavy-duty pressure transducers
  • Door position detection and door control with MICRO SWITCH NGC and GLD limit switches
  • Movable step and ramp operation controlled by MICRO SWITCH NGC limit switches
  • Hydraulic oil temperature sensing with R300 Series packaged temperature probes
  • Crossing gate closure by MICRO SWITCH GLC limit switches
  • Track switching platform entry points with MICRO SWITCH GLD and GLE limit switches
  • Access panel protection and signaling equipment operated with MICRO SWITCH GLC limit switches
  • Train buffering and shunting detection with MICRO SWITCH HDLS limit switches
  • Rail equipment testing with DPS Series Digital Pressure Sensors with CANopen®
  • Train communication network operated with DPS Series Digital Pressure Sensors with CANopen®
  • High voltage door interlock switch on locomotion with GLS/HDLS Series limit switches
  • Rail switch position detection by MICRO SWITCH GLS Series limit switches

Accurate Sensing

  • Rail passenger car interior door monitor with MICRO SWITCH GLS Series limit switches

Superior Reliability

  • Wheel speed with VRS, SNDH-H Series, and SNG-Q Series speed sensors
Sensors and switches for rail equipment


MICRO SWITCH Limit Switches: Keep Trains Moving on Track Application Note English 1188KB
Brake System (Pneumatic) Pressure Application Note English 72KB

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