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Honeywell switch, sensor, and vehicle controls includes a multitude of products for lawn and garden applications, as well as temperature sensors, ignition switches, turn signals, headlights--providing enhanced reliability and improving durability in most harsh environments. Our customers’ needs include higher accuracy, superior reliability, and enhanced safety. Honeywell products provide that and more.

Higher Accuracy

  • Linear or angle position sensing with SS490 Series and RTP/RTY Series Hall-effect sensors

Superior Reliability

  • Throttle, brake, and clutch position sensing with SS490 Series linear, and RTP, and RTY Series rotary position sensors
  • Engine oil monitored with HP, HE, LP, or LE Series pressure switches
  • Engine oil monitored by many Honeywell temperature sensors and probes
  • Vehicle indication of status, warning, and more with Honeywell indicators
  • Accuracy in vehicle control through Honeywell shifters, turn signals, and multi-functional custom controls
  • Reliable and rugged on/off actuation with key and rotary switches
  • Wheel speed, engine speed, MPH sensing, rotor/blade speed measured with VRS, SNDH-H Series, and SNG-Q Series speed sensors

Enhanced Safety

  • Determine foot pedal position and initiation of reverse alarm on shift lever by V15W/ZD/ZW watertight switches
  • Emergency stops using push/pull e-stop switches
  • Hydraulic oil temperature sensing with R300 Series packaged temperature probes
  • Usage tracking with hour meters
Lawn and garden sensors and switches - Honeywell

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