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Honeywell manufactures many sensors and switches that may be used in vehicle engines. These products provide repeatable and accurate sensing, lower failure rate and operational costs, and superior engineering support. They are design to help control pressure, temperature, and valve position while sensing torque, position, and fluid quality/level.

Repeatable and Accurate Sensing

  • Exhaust gas re-circulation sensing by R300 Series packaged temperature probes
  • Cam, crank, MPH sensing with VRS, SNDH-H Series speed sensors
  • Throttle position sensing conducted by SS490 Series linear Hall-effect sensor ICs

Lower Failure Rate and Operational Costs

  • Air inlet sensing with LTP and ES-110 Series packaged temperature probes
  • Oil, coolant, and fuel temperature measured with LTP, R300, and 500 Series packaged temperature probes
  • Fan control and fire suppression sensed by 3000 Series thermostats
  • Airflow monitoring/measurement with 5000 Series vacuum switches
  • Oil and coolant pressure monitored by HP, HE, ME, LP, LE Series pressure switches
Sensors and switches for vehicle engines - Honeywell

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