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Honeywell offers a series of torque watch gauges for measurement of very low, low static and high range torque. Honeywell’s mid and high range torque watches utilize a calibrated spring shaft and pointer assembly within a rugged, steel and aluminum housing. To minimize friction, the low range series features a calibrated spring, shaft and pointed assembly mounted in jeweled bearing. All units can measure torque in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The internal stainless steel rotation stops help prevent damage from over-torque up to two times the normal range (three times the normal range for the low range series).


  • Accurate measurement of high range, low static or very low torque
  • Torque measurement ranges from 0.2 gm-cm up to 2.8 k gm-cm [0.003 in-oz up to 200 in-oz] or [0.1 N-mm up to 265 N-mm]
  • Accuracy ranges from 2%, 5% and 10% depending on model
  • Keyed chuck or miniature adapter chucks
  • Dial indication
  • Overload protection
Torque Watch Gauges - Honeywell


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