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Honeywell’s analogy telemetry rotary torque systems are used to monitor very large motors (350 HP and above). They are also designed to measure and monitor internal temperature data which can be vital in a variety of applications such as rotating kilns such as those found in large lime recovery, cement, and alumina kilns, industrial dryers and incinerators for hazardous waste disposal. The Model 1400 series features a digital transmitter mounted on the exterior of the rotating surface to constantly monitor and transmit data from rotating equipment without the use of wires or batteries. The Model 1700 series scans up to six Resistance Temperature Devices (RTDs) or thermocouples installed within the rotor winding or the starter bars, providing data on minute changes in thermal condition of the motor. Monitoring of temperatures is important as overheating is a clear signal of an impending problem. A programmable alarm can be set so that the system can be shut down or scheduled for maintenance. Need more information or want to discuss a customized solution for your particular application? Contact Honeywell to learn more.

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