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Honeywell Summing In-Line Amplifiers are housed in a small plastic package, which is connected between the transducer and a readout instrument/UI through computer. The Summing In-Line Amplifier supplies a regulated bridge excitation voltage for the transducer and converts the millivolt signal from the transducer to a 0 Vdc to 10 Vdc amplified signal. The Summing In-Line Amplifier features include auto-excitation voltages, programmable gain settings, a wide adjustment range on the span and offset value.


  • Accuracy ±0.25 %FSS
  • Works with mV/V output sensors
  • User interface/application software provided along with device
  • Load cell interchangeability; can be more easily accomplished using UI /application software
  • Span and offset scaling through UI/application software
  • 4-pin detachable connectors for loadcell interface
  • Diagnostic features to indicate Bridge open and Overload
  • Tare function
  • Enclosure material ABS
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Summing Amplifier AA919 Datasheet Datasheet English 290KB
Summing Amplifier AA919 Installation & Technical Manual Installation Instructions English 3MB
Instrumentation Accessories Datasheet Datasheet English 641KB


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