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Honeywell subminiature piezoelectric accelerometers provide highly accurate and reliable data output in an extremely small low profile footprint for usage in tight spaces with limited clearances. Honeywell’s Model MA23’s subminiature amplified piezoelectric accelerometer features constant current low output impedance output combined with the ability to drive high load capacitance allowing long runs of low cost cable without degradation of data. The Model MAQ36 is a miniature self generating piezoelectric transducer designed for use in higher temperature environments. These units have no internal electronics and require no external power for operation. Both feature wide frequency ranges and a flat sensitivity vs. temperature response over the temperature range. Honeywell has extensive experience in helping customers with custom requirements.


  • Subminiature sizes smaller than a fingernail to fit in extremely tight spaces
  • Lightweight, low profile
  • 25 kHZ or 45 kHZ mounted frequency
  • IEPE, mV/G, or pC/G charge output
  • HE 30 Aluminum or stainless steel construction
Subminiature Accelerometers - Honeywell


Model MAQ36 Accelerometer Datasheet Datasheet English 175KB
Model MA23 Accelerometer Datasheet Datasheet English 157KB
T&M Overview Brochure Brochure English 413KB
Oil and Gas Brochure Brochure English 4MB


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