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A line of rotary slip ring torque sensors, Models 1104 to 1107, primarily designed for a multitude of general test and measurement applications, such as motor testing. Can be used to monitor start up, running, and stall torque levels. Capacity range from 100 in-lb to 100000 in-lb for shaft mounting configurations.


  • 100 in-lb to 100000 in-lb capacity range
  • 0.1 % non-linearity and hysteresis
  • Manual brush lifter (standard)
  • Speed sensor and/or foot mount options
  • Lower cost for general “in-line” applications
  • Can be used with almost all existing dc and ac signal conditioning instrumentation
Model 1100 Rotary Slip Ring Torque Tranducers - Honeywell


Model 1104-1107 Rotating Shaft Torque Transducer Datasheet Datasheet English 238KB
Torque Accessories Datasheet Datasheet English 577KB
Model 1100 External Wiring Diagram Technical Information English 161KB
Model 1104 Outline Drawing Technical Information English 70KB
Model 1105 Outline Drawing Technical Information English 116KB
Model 1107 Outline Drawing Technical Information English 75KB
White Paper: New Ways to Measure Torque White Paper English 193KB
Model 1100 Front View English 1MB
Model 1100 Side View English 2MB
Model 1100 Back View English 736KB
T&M Torque Transducer Range Guide Product Range Guide English 3MB
T&M Overview Brochure Brochure English 413KB
Aerospace Test and Measurement Capabilities Application Note English 2MB


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