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Model 1600 is a line of rotary transformer torque sensors often ideal for test installations running long-term durability testing. Non-contact nature of the signal transfer virtually eliminates the need for maintenance. High overload protection with high signal output helps prevent potential damage to the sensor. Carrier frequency excitation provides increased signal/noise immunity. Capacity range from 50 lb-in to 100,000 lb-in for shaft mounting configurations.

Model 1600 Unamplified Shaft Torque Transducers - Honeywell


Models 1604-1607 Rotating Torque Transducer Datasheet Datasheet English 231KB
T&M Torque Transducer Range Guide Product Range Guide English 3MB
T&M Overview Brochure Brochure English 413KB
Aerospace Test and Measurement Capabilities Application Note English 2MB
Digital Telemetry Rotary Torque Applications Application Note English 4MB

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Product Torque Range Output Torque Type Accuracy
1604-100 100 in-lb ±2 mV/V (nominal) Rotary ±0.15 %
1604-1K 1000 in-lb ±2 mV/V (nominal) Rotary ±0.15 %
1604-200 200 in-lb ±2 mV/V (nominal) Rotary ±0.15 %
1604-2K 2000 in-lb ±2 mV/V (nominal) Rotary ±0.15 %
1604-500 500 in-lb ±2 mV/V (nominal) Rotary ±0.15 %
1605-10K 10000 in-lb ±2 mV/V (nominal) Rotary ±0.15 %
1605-5K 5000 in-lb ±2 mV/V (nominal) Rotary ±0.15 %
1606-20K 20000 in-lb ±2 mV/V (nominal) Rotary ±0.15 %


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