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Honeywell offers a line of non-contact, rotary, transformer, shaft torque sensors ideal for test installations running long-term durability testing. The non-contact nature of the signal transfer virtually eliminates the need for maintenance. High overload protection with high signal output helps prevent potential damage to the sensor. The carrier frequency excitation provides increased signal/noise immunity. Models offered include low capacity (50 in-ozs[0,35 Nm] to 1,000 in-ozs [7 Nm]) and standard (50 in-lbs [5 Nm] to 100,000 in-lbs [11300 Nm]) capacity ranges, both with 0.1% non-linearity and hysteresis. Models with enhanced accuracy (up to 0.05% non-linearity and hysteresis are also available).


  • Models with capacity ranges 50 in-ozs (0,35 Nm) to 1,000 in-ozs (7 Nm) or 50 in-lbs (5 Nm) up to 100,000 in-lbs (11300 Nm)
  • 0.1% non-linearity and hysteresis; 0.05% for enhanced accuracy models
  • Speed sensor and foot mount options available
  • High overload protection with high signal output (sensitivity)
  • Extended speed range
  • Minimal maintenance due to bearings only contact
  • Carrier frequency excitation provides increased signal/noise immunity
Non-contact, Unamplified, Shaft Torque Transducers - Honeywell


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