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Honeywell miniature load cells are designed to fit into systems with limited space or tight clearances. Model 53 bonded, foil strain gauge transducers are designed for cost efficient production and testing applications (e.g., press calibration). Able to measure compression force up to 50,000 lb or 200,000 N, this model achieves a maximum non-linearity of 0.25 % full scale.

Precision gauging techniques and stainless steel construction provides excellent long-term stability and reliability under severe operating conditions. If you need special modifications or a complete custom design to meet your unique requirements, please contact us.


  • 5 lb to 50K lb
  • Stainless steel
  • Mini footprint
  • Button-style design
  • mV/V output
Model 53 miniature stainless steel load cells - Honeywell


Model 53 Economical Load Cell Datasheet Datasheet English 397KB
Load Accessories Datasheet Datasheet English 513KB
Model 53 External Wiring Diagram Technical Information English 16KB
Model 53 Outline Drawing - 200 lb to 2500 lb Technical Information English 59KB
Model 53 Outline Drawing - 3k lb to 12.5k lb Technical Information English 39KB
Model 53 Outline Drawing - 15k lb to 30k lb Technical Information English 60KB
Model 53 Outline Drawing - 50k lb Technical Information English 194KB
Model 53 Front View English 71KB
Model 53 Side View English 90KB
Model 53 Top View English 90KB
T&M Overview Brochure Brochure English 413KB
Oil and Gas Brochure Brochure English 4MB
Aerospace Test and Measurement Capabilities Application Note English 2MB
Load Cell Range Guide Product Range Guide English 1MB

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Product Range Operation Output Accuracy
060-0238-05 500 lb Compression 2 mV/V (nominal) ±0.60 % full scale
060-0238-07 1,000 lb Compression 2 mV/V (nominal) ±0.60 % full scale
060-0238-10 2,000 lb Compression 2 mV/V (nominal) ±0.60 % full scale
060-0239-04 5,000 lb Compression 2 mV/V (nominal) ±0.60 % full scale
060-0239-08 10,000 lb Compression 2 mV/V (nominal) ±0.60 % full scale
060-0240-02 20,000 lb Compression 2 mV/V (nominal) ±0.60 % full scale
060-0241-04 50,000 lb Compression 2 mV/V (nominal) ±0.60 % full scale


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