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Honeywell's TMS 9250 digital telemetry torque measurement system offers a wireless, non-contact method to measure torque on rotating parts. The fully wireless design enables higher integrity of the torque data capture through higher resolution, higher sensitivity, faster response, and no mechanical interferences. The result is a more accurate indication of the actual torque being experienced, plus an increase in overall system reliability. Fully software driven, the TMS 9250 features quick and easy setup, and selectable outputs which can be easily adjusted as needed. With no slip rings or bearings to replace, less routine maintenance is required. The flexible, compact modular design allows the system to be easily adapted or customized to fit into many types of torque test and measurement applications in automotive / transportation, aerospace, manufacturing, etc.


  • 0.05% full scale, total system accuracy
  • DIN, SAE, shaft to shaft, integral or custom couplings available
  • High torsional stiffness with low rotating inertia
  • Multiple, field selectable analog outputs, scalable “on the fly”
  • Compact, modular design to fit into tight spaces
  • Quick and easy installation with full software set-up
  • FCC and CE certified, meeting all EMC emission and susceptibility requirements
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