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The Model DS offers the “smart” combination of microprocessor-based, internal signal conditioning and micromachined silicon pressure sensor technology to provide digital communications directly to your PC with superior accuracy and stability. With <1 ms step response on the analog output and >300 readings/second on the digital output, the Model DS provides the speed required for dynamic automotive or aerospace applications. With an all-welded Ha C276/ 316 Stainless Steel construction, the Model DS is suitable for rugged environments and pressure media compatible with Ha C276/ 316 Stainless Steel.


  • 0.1 % total error band (includes temperature)
  • 1200 Hz analog response
  • Gage and absolute designs available
  • All-welded stainless steel construction
  • Selectable RS-232 or RS-485
  • 380 readings/second digital output
Model DS Pressure Transducers - Honeywell


Model DS Digital Pressure Transducer Datasheet Datasheet English 230KB
Model DS External Wiring Diagram - RS 232 Technical Information English 157KB
Model DS External Wiring Diagram - RS 485 Technical Information English 16KB
Model DS Outline Drawing - Absolute RS-485 Technical Information English 63KB
Model DS Outline Drawing - Absolute RS-232 Technical Information English 156KB
Model DS Outline Drawing - Gage RS-485 Technical Information English 154KB
Model DS Front View Photo English 114KB
Model DS Bottom View Photo English 111KB
Pressure Accessories Datasheet Datasheet English 374KB
T&M Pressure Transducer Range Guide Product Range Guide English 1MB
T&M Overview Brochure Brochure English 413KB
Aerospace Test and Measurement Capabilities Application Note English 2MB


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