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The Model VM120 vibration meter is a battery-powered, portable instrument designed to accept any MA series accelerometer enabling vibration measurements to be taken. The meter is capable of providing RMS and peak measurements of acceleration, velocity, and displacement. A switch for filtering high frequencies is provided. Both dc and ac output via a D-type socket are available for logging or for further signal analysis.

Model VM120 measures peak to peak. This means that for a sine wave the value for the VM120 will be twice the size though measuring the same signal. Differences could become more apparent for non sinusoidal vibrations.


  • Hand held
  • LCD display
  • Battery powered
  • Velocity and displacement output
  • ac or dc output
  • Designed to work with constant current accelerometers
  • Low pass filter reduces wide-band noises
Vibration Meter Kits, Model VM120 - Honeywell


Models VM110 and VM120 Vibration Meter Kit Datasheet Datasheet English 228KB
Accelerometer Accessories Datasheet Datasheet English 316KB
Model VM120 Front View Photo -- 266KB
Accelerometer Mating Connector/Cable Assembly Datasheet Datasheet English 316KB
T&M Overview Brochure Brochure English 413KB


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