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The only thing missing is the wire.

Go farther. Work smarter. Explore new possibilities. Just by cutting the cord and making the switch. Honeywell’s Limitless™ switches combine every advantage you’d expect:

Wireless Limit Switches - Honeywell


Wireless Technology for Conveyor Systems Application Note English 197KB
Sensors and Switches in Mobile Cranes Application Note English 2MB
Limitless™ Wireless Solutions on Hangar Doors Application Note English 1MB
Limitless™ Wireless Solutions on Automotive Factory Floors Application Note English 11MB
Limitless™ Wireless Solutions in Industrial Tank Level Monitoring Application Note English 2MB
Limitless™ Wireless Solutions in Anti-Two Block Warning Systems for Cranes, Stationary and on Trucks Application Note English 4MB
Crane Jib/Two Block Assembly Application Application Note English 109KB
Limitless™ Safety Shower and Eye Wash Alarm Solutions Application Note English 16MB
Valve Position Sensor (WCX1) Applications Application Note English 315KB
Industrial Product Line Card Line Card/Selection Chart English 2MB
Limitless™ Brochure Brochure English 4MB
White Paper: Advantages of Combining Intrinsically Safe Equipment and Wireless Technology in Process Manufacturing White Paper English 6MB
Transportation Range Guide Product Range Guide English 4MB
Pairing a Limitless™ Switch with a Limitless™ WPMM Series Monitor Instruction Video Application Note English
White Paper: Wireless Switches Offer Unlimited Benefit White Paper English 122KB
White Paper: The Need for a Well-Equipped Safety Shower and Eye Wash Station White Paper English 3MB
Oil and Gas Brochure Brochure English 4MB
Technical Note: Best Practices to Improve RF Signal Quality Technical Information English 342KB
Wireless Technology for Retractable Roof Systems Application Note English 6MB
Technical Note: Wireless Network Security and Data Reliability Technical Information English 766KB
Technical Note: Electrical Components within Hazardous Location Environments Application Note English 122KB


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