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The WW Series switching mechanism is a non-snap double break shorting bar type construction. One, two or three circuit versions are available. The three-circuit unit has two poles. On a three-circuit switch in the unoperated condition (see drawing) circuit #2 is closed and circuit #1 and #3 are open. As the plunger is depressed, circuit #2 opens and circuit #1 and #3 are closed. The switch is two-pole since it makes and breaks two separate circuits (#1 and #3). When the plunger is released, circuit #1 and #3 are broken and circuit #2 is closed.
WW Series Large Basic Switches – Honeywell


WW Series Door Switches Catalog Information English 152KB
Basic, Toggles, and Rocker Switches Range Guide Product Range Guide English 16MB
Safety and Productivity Solutions in Hospital Applications Brochure English 5MB
Sensors and Switches in Valves and Flowmeters Application Note English 2MB

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Product Ampere Rating Circuitry Actuator Termination Sealing
WW1A24A-D8 3 A SPNC Plunger Lever Quick Connect No
WW1G02A-D9 3 A SPNC Plunger Lever Quick Connect No
WW1G03A-D7 3 A SPNC Plunger Lever Quick Connect No
WW1K05D-D9 0.1 A SPNC Plunger Lever Quick Connect No
WW2K29H-D9 3 A SPNC Plunger Lever Quick Connect No


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