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Honeywell SE and XE miniature sealed basic switches are designed for precise and reliable position indication of critical applications on aircraft and military systems. The applications range from military and commercial aircraft and helicopters to military land vehicles (track and wheeled vehicles). These switches are also suitable for other commercial and industrial applications where a degree of environmental sealing is required.

SE series sealed switches - Honeywell


MICRO SWITCH SE/XE Series Miniature Sealed Basic Switches Datasheet English 1MB
50023187: 91SE Series Explosion-proof Enclosed Basic Switch Installation Instructions English 377KB
MICRO SWITCH Sealed and High Accuracy Switches Line Guide Product Line Guide English 817KB
Basic, Toggles, and Rocker Switches Range Guide Product Range Guide English 7MB
Aerospace and Defense Product Range Guide Product Range Guide English 18MB

Browse SE Series Products

Product Actuator Termination Type Ampere Rating
1SE1 5 A
1SE1-H58 5 A
1SE1-T 5 A
1SE2 5 A
1SE2-T 5 A
1SE3 5 A
1SE3-T 5 A
2SE4 5 A
4SE1 5 A
5SE1 5 A


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