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MICRO SWITCH HR switches combine maximum sealing, high 315 °C [600 °F] temperature capabilities, and rugged, heavy duty, corrosion-resistant construction to provide reliable switching in the most demanding applications.


MICRO SWITCH HR Series Hermetically Sealed, High Temperature Limit Switches Datasheet English 693KB
MICRO SWITCH Sealed and High Accuracy Switches Line Guide, Issue 3 Product Line Guide English 729KB
Limit Switches and Machine Safety Range Guide Product Range Guide English 22MB
Aerospace and Defense Product Range Guide Product Range Guide English 3MB
HR Series High Temperature Hermetically Sealed Limit Switches Catalog Information English 155KB

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Product Actuator Termination Type Ampere Rating
12HR1-S Top Plunger Screw 5 A (Resistive)
12HR11-10 Top Plunger Leadwire 5 A (Resistive)
22HR1-S Top Roller Plunger Screw 5 A (Resistive)