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Honeywell HM hermetic sealed miniature basic switches are designed for a variety of commercial and military aircraft as well as equipment for deep space applications (high altitude requirements). These miniature hermetic sealed switches can be found in a variety of other applications including military land vehicles, marine environments, and other harsh industrial environments. The switches are available as a MIL-PRF-8805 qualified switch. Select HM switches are available with UL 508 certification for industrial or surface transportation applications. The MICRO SWITCH HM hermetic sealed switch design incorporates the glass-to-metal and metal-to-metal sealing with more than 50 years of use in multiple applications.

The hermetically sealed HM basic switches are ideal where a symbol 5 seal is required for stringent applications including a wide range of temperatures from -184 °C to 260 °C [-300 °F to 500 °F]. Designed with a stainless steel housing and hermetic seal construction, the HM switches are suitable for applications where dust, water, other particulate contaminants, and corrosive gases are present.

The HM basic switch provides versatility with bifurcated gold contacts for controlling low energy loads (mA and mV) reliably or silver contacts for switching power duty loads at 30 Vdc or 115 Vac, 400 Hz. Electrical connectivity to the switch is achieved with individual wire leads or “through hole” solder posts adding to the versatility of the HM switch.

HM series sealed switches - Honeywell


MICRO SWITCH HM Series Hermetic Sealed Basic Switches Datasheet English 3MB
MICRO SWITCH Sealed and High Accuracy Switches Line Guide Product Line Guide English 817KB
Basic, Toggles, and Rocker Switches Range Guide Product Range Guide English 7MB
Aerospace and Defense Product Range Guide Product Range Guide English 18MB

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Product Actuator Termination Type Ampere Rating
109HM1 0.5 A
114HM1-2 0.1 A
11HM1 3 A
12HM1-1 3 A
14HM6 1 A
15HM5 3 A
16HM1-1 3 A
17HM5 1 A
18HM1-1 1 A
19HM1 0.5 A


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