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Full-Scale Offering. Solid, Robust Industry Knowledge. Whether you're an end-user or OEM, you face an ongoing challenge: to keep your machines and equipment operating safely and productively, while meeting all global workplace safety standards. When you need comprehensive solutions for machine safeguarding, Honeywell helps you meet the challenge with one of the industry's broadest switch portfolios.

Honeywell offers you choices to ensure that your needs are met in the safety arena. Designed with OEMs in mind, we offer safety switches in every size.

  • Miniature switches – less than 50 mm [2 in] square – for smaller doors and openings
  • Trapped key and solenoid key switches for large, heavy doors
  • Cable pull switches for conveyor or perimeter guarding.
  • Non-contacting switches for small door position detection

And, all our products are backed by the Honeywell brand, service, and global support.

Safety Switches - Honeywell


MICRO SWITCH Safety Switches Comparison Product Range Guide English 485KB
Industrial Product Line Card Line Card/Selection Chart English 2MB
Limit Switches and Machine Safety Range Guide Product Range Guide English 9MB
Electromechanical Safety Switch Product Selection Guide Catalog Information English 351KB


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