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Honeywell's AML Series rocker switches were designed by industrial engineers to achieve a balance between harmonious appearance and ergonomics. The AML Series features switches with both paddles and rockers and are available with LED, incandescent, and neon illumination. Honeywell's AML devices present single-level termination that translates into faster, easier, neater, and more economical wiring. They also offer a choice of solder, quick-connect, push-on, and PCB terminations.

AML Series Rocker Switches – Honeywell


MICRO SWITCH AML Series Operator Interface Switches and Indicators Datasheet Datasheet English 9MB
AML Mounting Dimensions Catalog Information English 1MB
Solutions for Oxygen Concentrators Application Note English 3MB
Solutions for Infusion Pumps Application Note English 3MB
Solutions for Ventilators Application Note English 3MB
MICRO SWITCH Rocker Switches Line Guide Product Line Guide English 126KB
Basic, Toggles, and Rocker Switches Range Guide Product Range Guide English 7MB

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Product Circuitry Action Lamp Type
AML23EBA2AA01 SPDT 2 position N/A
AML23EBA2AA02 SPDT 2 position N/A
AML23EBA2AA03 SPDT 2 position N/A
AML23EBA2AA04 SPDT 3 position N/A
AML23EBA2AA05 SPDT 3 position N/A
AML23EBA2AA07 SPDT 3 position N/A
AML23EBA2AC01 DPDT 2 position N/A
AML23EBA2AC02 DPDT 2 position N/A
AML23EBA2AC03 DPDT 2 position N/A
AML23EBA2AC04 DPDT 3 position N/A


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