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Honeywell MICRO SWITCH TP rocker switches are designed for flush mount to the panel for a low profile button or above panel for a distinctive button appearance. The buttons are removable and interchangeable and are available in either a transparent plastic (to accept legend inserts), or translucent plastic. Colored opaque buttons are also available for color coding of switch functions, for example, a green button for a “start” or “run” function and a black button for general purpose. The 1-, 2-, or 4-pole rocker switches are furnished with two 6-32 internal locking threads in the rocker cover which will accept 6-32 machine screws for panel mounting. To maximize applications and minimize inventory, the TP rocker switches are readily available without buttons. Ordering the buttons separately permits them to be paired with switches containing the desired circuitry and number of poles.

TP Series Rocker Switches – Honeywell


MICRO SWITCH TP Series Rocker Switches Datasheet Datasheet English 1MB
TP Series Rocker Button Switches Catalog Information English 391KB
MICRO SWITCH Rocker Switches Line Guide Product Line Guide English 126KB
Basic, Toggles, and Rocker Switches Range Guide Product Range Guide English 7MB

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Product Circuitry Action Lamp Type
102TP81-3 DPDT 2 position No button
102TP81-8 DPDT 2 position No button
102TP82-10 DPDT 3 position No button
102TP82-3 DPDT 2 position No button
102TP82-70 DPDT 3 position No button
104TP82-3 4PDT 2 position No button
1TP1-1 SPDT 3 position Translucent
1TP1-2 SPST 2 position Translucent
1TP1-21 SPST 3 position Translucent
1TP1-31 SPDT 3 position Translucent


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