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MICRO SWITCH SZL-WL Series general purpose limit switches are cost effective switches that may be used in a wide range of applications from general purpose conveyors to heavy-duty machinery. Rugged and reliable, the SZL-WL Series switches are specially designed for world-wide use and supported by Honeywell’s vast experience in serving industries around the globe.

High quality product offerings combined with Honeywell’s global sales and service resources makes the SZL-WL Series the smart choice for industries whose goal is to minimize plant downtime and reduce overall maintenance costs.

SZL-WL Miniature and Compact Limit Switches – Honeywell


MICRO SWITCH SZL-WL Series General Purpose Limit Switches Datasheet English 4MB
MICRO SWITCH Limit Switches Comparison Product Range Guide English 463KB
Sensors and Switches in Mobile Cranes Application Note English 2MB
PK 80112: Installation Instructions for Products with Conduit Openings Installation Instructions English 342KB
Sensor and Switch Solutions for Industrial Applications Brochure English 3MB
Sensors and Switches in Front Loaders Application Note English 3MB
Limit Switches and Machine Safety Range Guide Product Range Guide English 9MB
White Paper: Impacts of Shock and Vibration on a Limit Switch White Paper English 4MB
Partners Providing Technical Safety and Productivity Solutions Product Range Guide English 11MB

Browse SZL-WL Series Products

Product Actuator Sealing Termination Type Housing Material
SZL-WL-A Side Rotary - Roller Lever Standard IP67 PF1/2 Aluminum Die-Cast
SZL-WL-B Side Rotary - Roller Lever Adjustable IP67 PF1/2 Aluminum Die-Cast
SZL-WL-C Side Rotary - Rod Adjustable IP67 PF1/2 Aluminum Die-Cast
SZL-WL-D Fork Lock Lever - Opposite Direction Rollers IP67 PF1/2 Aluminum Die-Cast
SZL-WL-E Top Roller Plunger IP67 PF1/2 Aluminum Die-Cast
SZL-WL-F Top Plunger IP67 PF1/2 Aluminum Die-Cast
SZL-WL-G Top Roller Plunger Sealed IP67 PF1/2 Aluminum Die-Cast
SZL-WL-H Side Roller Plunger IP67 PF1/2 Aluminum Die-Cast
SZL-WL-I Ball Bearing Plunger IP67 PF1/2 Aluminum Die-Cast
SZL-WL-J Side Plunger IP67 PF1/2 Aluminum Die-Cast


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