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MICRO SWITCH LSX hazardous area switches are designed for use in adverse environments. They are approved for use in hazardous locations and NEMA classified atmospheres because their rugged housings have integral flame paths. These flame paths force internal expanding gases to cool below external atmosphere ignition temperatures before they leave the housing. The LSX also features tracking interchangeability with MICRO SWITCH BX Series Hazardous Area switches. An optional mounting plate provides the same tracking and mounting as the standard HDLS Series (heavy-duty limit switch).

The majority of HDLS operating heads and circuitry options are available for the LSX Series. The rotary actuated LSX Series products are designed for use with levers that have non-sparking actuators due to the potentially hazardous environment. The other styles of LSX Series switches which are the plunger actuated and wobble actuated products incorporate an integral non-sparking actuator.

LSX Series Hazardous Area Limit Switches - Honeywell


MICRO SWITCH LSX Series Hazardous Area Limit Switches Datasheet English 4MB
PK 81181: LSX Series Explosion Proof Heavy Duty Limit Switch Installation Instructions English 375KB
MICRO SWITCH Limit Switches Comparison Product Range Guide English 460KB
MICRO SWITCH Hazardous Location Approvals Matrix Hazardous Location Approvals Documentation English 597KB
Sensors and Switches Used in Valve Actuators and Valve Positioners Application Note English 656KB
Guide to Hazardous Location Approvals: MICRO SWITCH™ Hazardous Area Limit Switches Hazardous Location Approvals Documentation English 2MB
Sensors and Switches for Industrial Manual Process Valves Application Note English 1MB
Oil and Gas Brochure Brochure English 4MB
Sensors and Switches in Oil Rig Applications Application Note English 7MB
Sensors and Switches in Valves and Flow Meters Application Note English 2MB
MICRO SWITCH Hazardous Location Switches Line Guide - Issues 3 Product Line Guide English 495KB
Industrial Product Line Card Line Card/Selection Chart English 571KB
MICRO SWITCH Hazardous Area Switches Brochure Brochure English 4MB
Limit Switches and Machine Safety Range Guide Product Range Guide English 22MB
White Paper: Impacts of Shock and Vibration on a Limit Switch White Paper English 4MB
MICRO SWITCH Limit Switch Line Guide Product Line Guide English 771KB
White Paper: How Limit Switches Can Stop Machines from Going Boom White Paper English 4MB

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Product Agency Approvals and Standards Housing Material Actuator
LSXA3E UL, CSA Aluminum Side Rotary
LSXA3E-1A UL, CSA Aluminum Side Rotary
LSXA3K UL, CSA Aluminum Side Rotary
LSXA3K-1A UL, CSA Aluminum Side Rotary
LSXA3K-2C UL, CSA Aluminum Side Rotary
LSXA3K-2K UL, CSA Aluminum Side Rotary
LSXA3K1 UL, CSA Aluminum Side Rotary
LSXA3K5 UL, CSA Aluminum Side Rotary
LSXA3K5-1A UL, CSA Aluminum Side Rotary
LSXA3K5-4M UL, CSA Aluminum Side Rotary


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