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Hazardous Area Limit Switches


Hazardous environments demand Honeywell. When conditions are hazardous and performance is critical, Honeywell delivers exceptional performance.

  • Designed specifically for dangerous indoor or outdoor locations
  • Superior reliability and repeatability
  • Explosion-proof design contains flame path to contain and cool escaping hot gases
  • UL, CSA, ATEX, and IEC Ex certifications
  • O-ring seals render switches weather-proof, water-tight, and dust-tight

Honeywell hazardous area switches are found in applications as diverse as:

  • grain elevators
  • offshore drilling
  • petrochemical and waste treatment plants
  • paint booths
  • hazardous waste-handling facilities
  • pipeline valves
  • maintenance equipment.
Hazardous Area Limit Switches - Honeywell

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