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Although small in size, the ZM and ZM1 Series are rated for controlling electrical loads ranging from logic level (computer based circuits) to power duty switching (up to 16.1 A and 250 Vac). The package size of the subminiature switch is ideal for applications where space on the equipment is at a premium. The overall length of the ZM and ZM1 Series are less than 20 mm [0.78 in].

ZM1 Series General Purpose Basic Switches - Honeywell


MICRO SWITCH ZM/ZM1 Series Subminiature Basic Switches Datasheet English 1MB
PK 80173: Z Series Basic Switches Installation Instructions English 134KB
Basic, Toggles, and Rocker Switches Range Guide Product Range Guide English 16MB
Partners Providing Technical Safety and Productivity Solutions Product Range Guide English 11MB
Safety and Productivity Solutions in Hospital Applications Brochure English 5MB
Sensors and Switches in Valves and Flowmeters Application Note English 2MB

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Product Ampere Rating Circuitry Actuator Termination Sealing
ZM110B70A01 0.1 A SPDT Pin Plunger Quick Connect No
ZM150C70C01 3 A SPDT Straight Lever Quick Connect No
ZM160C10E01 6 A SPDT Simulated Roller Lever Solder No
ZM160C70A01 6 A SPDT Pin Plunger Quick Connect nO
ZM190C10B01 10.1 A SPDT Short Straight Lever Solder No
ZM190C10C01 10.1 A SPDT Straight Lever Solder No
ZM195G10A01 16 A SPDT Pin Plunger Solder No


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