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Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH V7 miniature switches are designed for long term-reliability in a rugged switch packaged with a thermoplastic housing. These switches may be installed in a wide range of applications from simple or precision on/off limits, presence/absence sensing, or embedded in pressure or temperature assemblies. The V7 switch is available as a pin plunger style or with optional integral or auxiliary levers to actuate the switch and offer versatility in the application. The switch requires as little as 0,15 N [approximately ½ ounce] to operate for extremely sensitive applications or an operating force of almost 4 N [14 ounces] where higher forces are required.

MICRO SWITCH V-Basic Standard Switch, V15 Series is an electromechanical switch designed to provide outstanding value in a reliable global package. This switch is often ideal for “low-cost-of-failure” applications, where the cost is minimal to replace or service any failure related to the switch. With a wide variety of operating forces, and amperage ratings, the V15 is designed for numerous types of applications. Available in both pin plunger and levered styles, the V15 Series also offers a multitude of termination styles to fit almost any application.

The MICRO SWITCH ZM and ZM1 Series are subminiature snap action switches, although small in size, the ZM and ZM1 Series are rated for controlling electrical loads ranging from logic level (computer based circuits) to power duty switching (up to 16.1 A and 250 Vac). The overall length of the ZM and ZM1 Series are less than 20 mm [0.78 in]. A wide variety of integral stainless steel levers are available and when combined with the subminiature package size, may adapt the switch to a wide variety of applications. The ZM Series is agency certified to UL, cUL, CE, and CQC for worldwide use, while the ZM1 Series is agency certified to UL, cUL, ENEC, and CQC for worldwide use.

Offering enhanced repeatability, the MICRO SWITCH SX Series’ lower operating force provides for application versatility. Like the MICRO SWITCH SM Series, the SX Series (which is a smaller package) offers gold contacts for low energy switching and bifurcated gold contacts for maximum reliability. Bifurcated contacts provide parallel redundancy within the SX switch.

The MICRO SWITCH SM Series’ small size and light weight are combined with ample electrical capacity, precision operation, and extended life. Featuring high precision and repeatability, the SM Series offers gold contacts for low-energy switching and gold bifurcated contacts for maximum reliability. Bifurcated contacts provide parallel redundancy within the SM switch.The SM switch is available for power-duty switching up to 11 A (Vac) or 1/4 HP (Vac).

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