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MICRO SWITCH DM/DP basic switches are designed for a variety of applications, and known for their compact, lightweight design and accurate repeatability. The DM/DP Series is a special application precision switch that can be used in a variety of applications, including appliance door lights and door interlocks, as well as service panels. The DM/DP Series snap-action switches have momentary, push-pull, and pull-to-cheat configurations. The quick-connect terminals and snap-in, panel-mount housings provide easy installation. In addition to the standard quick-connect terminals (4,78 mm x 0,51 mm [0.188 in x 0.020 in]), larger 6,35 mm x 0,81 mm [0.25 in x 0.032 in] quick-connect terminals can be provided.
DM Series Specialty Basic Switches – Honeywell


MICRO SWITCH DM/DP Series Snap-In Panel Mount Basic Switch Datasheet English 1MB
Sensors and Switches in Chemistry and Immunoassay Analyzers Application Note English 1MB
MICRO SWITCH Subminiature Basic Switch Comparison Product Range Guide English 649KB
Sensor and Switch Solutions for Industrial Applications Brochure English 3MB
Basic, Toggles, and Rocker Switches Range Guide Product Range Guide English 7MB
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Product Ampere Rating Circuitry Actuator Termination Sealing
1DM1 10 A SPDT Bullet Nose Plunger Quick Connect No
1DM152 10 A SPDT Bullet Nose Plunger Quick Connect No
1DM171 10 A SPDT Bullet Nose Plunger Quick Connect No
1DM176 10 A SPDT Bullet Nose Plunger Quick Connect No
1DM178 10 A SPDT Bullet Nose Plunger Quick Connect No
1DM18 10 A SPDT Concave Plunger Quick Connect No
1DM2 10 A SPNC Bullet Nose Plunger Quick Connect No
1DM21 10 A SPDT Short Convex Plunger Quick Connect No
1DM3 10 A SPNO Bullet Nose Plunger Quick Connect No
1DM301 10 A SPDT Finger Grip Plunger Quick Connect No


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