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When the application is more complex than a “stand alone” switch can provide, consider the MICRO SWITCH AC Series Door Switch. The AC Series switch assembly monitors the position of a service door or panel whether closed” or “open”. The AC Series switches are a compact switch assembly designed for equipment applications ranging from vending machine service doors or panels, monitoring doors for truck trailers, and military-related doors and/or panels. When the equipment (door or panel, etc.) which is electrically interlocked through the AC Series switch is opened, the action of the AC Series switch disconnects the electrical power. The AC Series switch can provide an electrical signal to an annunciator circuit such as a light or horn indicating the door or panel is open. Another feature that is common to most AC Series switch assemblies is a “pull-to-override” position which allows the service door to be open and yet apply electrical power through the switch assembly. The “pull-to-override” switch position could be useful for trouble shooting equipment as required.

AC Series switch assemblies are available with up to four switch elements which can provide discrete outputs as required for control and/or indicator circuits. Select catalog listings are available with UL and CSA agency certification. Where the application is military related, catalog listings are available with a military specification part number.

AC Series Specialty Basic Switches – Honeywell


MICRO SWITCH AC Series Door Switches Datasheet English 2MB
Basic, Toggles, and Rocker Switches Range Guide Product Range Guide English 16MB
Sensors and Switches in Valves and Flowmeters Application Note English 2MB

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Product Ampere Rating Circuitry Actuator Termination Sealing
13AC1 15 A SPDT Rod Screw No
17AC1-T 5 A SPDT Plunger Lever Solder No
17AC18-T 5 A SPDT Plunger Lever Solder No
17AC28-H58 5 A SPDT Plunger Lever Quick Connect No
1AC1 15 A SPDT Rod Screw No
1AC2 15 A SPDT Rod Screw No
1AC24 15 A SPDT Rod Screw No
22AC1 15 A SPDT Rod Screw No
22AC1-D8 15 A SPDT Rod Quick Connect No
22AC2 15 A SPDT Rod Screw No


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