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Across the world, changes in refrigerants to lower global warming potential are driving new requirements and designs for manufacturers – creating heightened safety around alternative, flammable refrigerants. Honeywell’s V15W2 basic switch is IEC Ex certified to be used in explosive environments. It’s well suited for enabling safe, repeatable switch performance in high-volume applications.

To learn more about Honeywell explosion proof switches, view our video.

V15W2 Series Explosion-Proof Basic Switch - Honeywell


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Product Ampere Rating Circuitry Actuator Termination Sealing
V15W2-EZ100-W2 5 A SPDT Pin Plunger Quick Connect IP40 (exposed terminals)
V15W2-EZ100A05-W2 5 A SPDT Roller Lever Quick Connect IP40 (exposed terminals)


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