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Honeywell Aerospace 1HP Series pressure switches are designed for high pressure ranges (150 psi to 5000 psi) for use in aerospace and defense applications. The lightweight, compact pressure switches feature analog outputs to indicate gas or liquid pressure. The design modularity allows for configuration of the switch, facilitating customization to the precise, demanding requirements of aerospace and defense applications.

Inside the stainless-steel housing is a MICRO SWITCH™ SX Series premium subminiature switch. The SX is qualified to MIL-PFR-8805 and its lower operating force provides application versatility with enhanced precision.

1HP Aerospace Pressure Switches – Honeywell


1HP Aerospace Pressure Switch Product Sheet Datasheet English 250KB
Case Study: 1HP Series Aerospace Pressure Switch Case Study English 2MB
Sensor and Switch Solutions for Industrial Applications Brochure English 3MB
Pressure Switch Line Guide Product Line Guide English 682KB
Transportation Range Guide Product Range Guide English 4MB
Controls, Monitors, and Pressure Switches Range Guide Product Range Guide English 2MB
Aerospace and Defense Product Range Guide Product Range Guide English 18MB

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Product Contact(s) Operating Pressure Electrical Termination Standard Factory Set Points Connector
1HPAB1 Silver, gold Up to 6000 psi Back exit, M22759/7-20 wire 3-wire
1HPAC1 Silver, gold Up to 6000 psi MS3106A-10SL-3S connector Connector
1HPAR1 Silver, gold Up to 6000 psi Right angle exit, M27759/7-20 wire 3-wire


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