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The SR16 Series Hall effect vane sensors are designed for position and speed sensing and are available in three termination variations. The cost effective SR16 Series sensors are tailored for fitness and information technology applications. They are well suited for use in moderate electrical, chemical, and mechanical environments.

The SR16 Series sensors contain an internal magnet and Hall effect sensor mounted in a twin tower configuration. In application, a customer supplied ferrous target passes between the tower gap, interrupts the magnetic field, and switches the digital state of the sensor.

These robust solid state Hall effect sensors are housed in an environmentally sealed plastic package. The Hall effect sensors provide highly accurate and repeatable performance in environments in which dirt, dust, or stray IR light might affect the performance of optical solutions. The sensor package is constructed of rugged polyphthalamide material and is mechanically interchangeable with our standard optical sensors.

SR16/SR17 Series Magnetic Sensors - Honeywell


SR 16/17 Series Hall Effect Vane Sensor Datasheet English 446KB
Speed Sensors Range Guide Product Range Guide English 767KB
Position Sensors Range Guide Product Range Guide English 1MB
Magnetic Sensors Product Line Guide English 377KB
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Browse SR16/SR17 Series Products

Product Magnetic Actuation Type Operate Point (OP) Package Type Termination Type
SR16C-J4 N/A Dual tower with attached PCB/Molex 5557 Connector 26-gauge 7-strand Lead Wire
SR16C-J5 N/A Dual Tower Wire Exit with Connector Molex 3-Pin Connector
SR16C-J6 N/A Dual Tower Wire Exit 300,7 mm [11.8 in] Lead Wires
SR16C-N N/A Dual Tower PC Board Mount leads PCB Mount-Leads
SR17C-J6 N/A Side Mount Wire Exit 26-gauge 7-strand Lead Wire
SR17C-J7 N/A Dual Tower Wire Exit with Connector AMP 3-Pin Connector


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