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Pressure Ranges

  • ±5 inH20 to ±10 inH20

The SDX series sensors provide a very cost effective solution for pressure applications that require small size plus performance. These calibrated and temperature compensated sensors give an accurate and stable output over a 0 °C to 50 °C [32 °F to 122 °F] temperature range. This series is intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids such as air, dry gases.

The SDX...IND4 products are specifically designed to measure low pressures with a range of 0 inches H20 to 5 inches H20 and 0 inches H20 to 10 inches H20 full scale range.

The SDX devices feature an integrated circuit (IC) sensor element and laser trimmed thick film ceramic housed in a compact solvent resistant case. The package is a double-wide (i.e. 0.600 inches lead spacing) dual-inline package (DIP). This is the same familiar package used by IC manufacturers except it is only 11,94 mm [0.470 in] long and has a pressure port(s). The pc board area used by each DIP is approximately 0.26 square inches. This extremely small size enables the use of multiple sensors in limited available space. The DIP provides excellent corrosion resistance and isolation to external package stress.

The DIP mounts on a printed circuit board like a standard IC with through-hole pins. The pins anchor the pressure sensor to the printed circuit board and provide a more secure and stable unit than other types of packages. The output of the bridge is ratiometric to the supply voltage and operation from any Vdc supply voltage up to 20 Vdc is acceptable.

SDX005IND4/SDX010IND4 Pressure Sensors - Honeywell


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Browse SDX005IND4/SDX010IND4 Products

Product Output Pressure Range Measurement Type Supply Voltage
SDX005IND4 0 in H2O to 5 in H2O Differential, Gage 20 Vdc max.
SDX010IND4 0 in H2O to 10 in H2O Differential, Gage 20 Vdc max.


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