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The 940 high-range torque watch gauge series accurately measures high range torque. A 3/8 inch keyed chuck and a 3/8 inch square socket driver adapter provides a simple means of coupling to the device under measurement. The 940 Series utilizes a calibrated spring, shaft, and pointer assembly within a rugged steel and aluminum housing. The unit can measure torque in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Internal stainless steel rotation stops help prevent damage from over-torque up to two times the normal range.

Model 940 torque watch gauges - Honeywell


T&M Overview Brochure Brochure English 413KB
Model 2102 Reaction Torque Transducer Datasheet Datasheet English 273KB
T&M Torque Transducer Range Guide Product Range Guide English 3MB
Model 940 High Range Torque Watch Gauge Datasheet Datasheet English 108KB
Oil and Gas Brochure Brochure English 4MB
Aerospace Test and Measurement Capabilities Application Note English 2MB
Digital Telemetry Rotary Torque Applications Application Note English 306KB

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Product Torque Range Output Torque Type Accuracy
060-SCF41224-01 15 in-oz to 100 in-oz Torque Watch Gauge ±2 %


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