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RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) Sensing Elements: Platinum-based RTDs are laser-trimmed for accuracy and flexibility. These temperature sensors are designed to offer stable and fast linear outputs. Accurate and interchangeable, they have plastic or ceramic, miniaturized or surface mount housings (including printed circuit board termination). Potential applications include motor overload and semiconductor protection, electronic assembly thermal management and temperature compensation, as well as HVAC/R equipment.

Thermistor Sensing Elements: These sensors change resistance with a change in temperature. They do not amplify, rectify, polarize or generate a signal. The thermistor temperature may be changed by the surrounding temperature or by self-heating the thermistor by passing a current through it. They are available in wide range of resistance values and in a variety of packages and sizes from leaded devices to surface mount versions.

Packaged Temperature Probes: These enhanced and responsive sensors are often ideal for air-gas, liquid-immersion, and solid-surface temperature sensing. Honeywell’s temperature probes are offered in a variety of housing materials and styles, terminations and R-T curve types, depending on the customers’ application needs. They operate with high sensitivity, reliability, and stability under diverse conditions of shock, vibration, humidity, and corrosion.

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