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The 6655 Series On-Surface Temperature Sensors are lower cost, thermistor-based temperature sensors that use Honeywell’s compact, low-profile, 12,70 mm [0.5 in] thermostat package. These products are designed to offer temperature measurements with enhanced response and accuracy on most flat surfaces and pipes in non-condensing applications. Unlike thermostats, which are generally limited to one fixed temperature, these thermistor-based NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) devices allow the customer greater flexibility in temperature monitoring and controlling. Tight interchangeability eliminates or reduces customer need for calibration. Enhanced accuracy and response time are designed to meet your needs. A wide operating temperature range of -20 °C to 110 °C [-4 °F to 230 °F] allows application flexibility. The 6655 Series has gained widespread acceptance standard due to their robust design and ease of installation. A variety of mounting brackets provides mounting flexibility.
6655 Series Temperature Probes - Honeywell


6655 On-Surface Temperature Sensors Datasheet English 119KB
Temperature Sensors Line Guide Product Line Guide English 290KB
Thermal Sensors Product Range Guide English 12MB
Sensors and Switches for HVAC Applications Application Note English 5MB
Partners Providing Technical Safety and Productivity Solutions Product Range Guide English 11MB

Browse 6655 Series Products

Product Temperature Sensing Type Operating Temperature Thermistor Type
6655-79600002 Air/Surface -20 °C to 110 °C [-4 °F to 230 °F] NTC
6655-90030004 Air/Surface -20 °C to 110 °C [-4 °F to 230 °F] NTC
6655-90980004 Air/Surface -20 °C to 110 °C [-4 °F to 230 °F] NTC
6655-90980005 Air/Surface -20 °C to 110 °C [-4 °F to 230 °F] NTC
6655-90980006 Air/Surface -20 °C to 110 °C [-4 °F to 230 °F] NTC
6655-91000001 Air/Surface -20 °C to 110 °C [-4 °F to 230 °F] NTC
6655-94280004 Air/Surface -20 °C to 110 °C [-4 °F to 230 °F] NTC
6655-97100901 Air/Surface -20 °C to 110 °C [-4 °F to 230 °F] NTC
6655-99580003 Air/Surface -20 °C to 110 °C [-4 °F to 230 °F] NTC
6655-99600003 Air/Surface -20 °C to 110 °C [-4 °F to 230 °F] NTC


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