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The VF526DT Bipolar Latch, Dual Hall-effect Digital Position Sensor has two distinct Hall sensing elements precisely located 1,4 mm [0.055 in] apart on a single integrated circuit chip. The elements are encapsulated in a thermoset molding material.

The two active Hall latches provide speed and direction indication of a magnetic gradient (such as a rotating ring magnet) across the face of the package.

The miniature, 4-pin SOT-89B package surface mounts on PC (Printed Circuit) boards and flexible circuits. The VF526DT’s built-in temperature compensation is designed to match the temperature coefficient of low-cost magnets, allowing for a reliable, yet cost-effective, sensor-magnet combination.

A unique, regulator circuit provides extremely stable operation with supply voltages from 3.4 Vdc to 24 Vdc. It can directly interface with many electronic components without buffering or compensation circuitry.

VF526DT Speed Sensor ICs - Honeywell


VF526DT Latching Dual Hall-Effect Digital Postion Sensor IC with Speed and Direction Outputs Datasheet English 241KB
VF526DT Bipolar Latch, Dual Hall-Effect Sensors with Speed and Direction Outputs Installation Instructions English 227KB
Magnetic Sensors Line Guide Product Line Guide English 377KB

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VF526DT Hall-effect digital position sensor IC SOT-89B, pocket tape and reel, 1000 units/reel Latching


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