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The VF401 is a high performance, digital, 2-wire, MR (magnetoresistive) sensor in a miniature, flat, TO-92-style, plastic package with a current output, designed for sensing fine pitch ring magnets.

The unique VF401 bridge array (patent number 6,297,628) has been optimized to allow a greater air gap between the target and the sensor with reduced loss in sensor signal or accuracy.

The VF401 has a reduced sensitivity to run-out (shift in sensor position relative to the inside or outside diameter of the ring magnet). It is also less sensitive to tilt tolerance (deviation from parallel positioning of the sensing elements and ring magnet), accepting up to 10°, versus only 2° to 3° for typical ring magnet sensors, as well as being less sensitive to twist (deviation of perfect angular position of the bridge runners relative to the pole transitions).

VF401 Speed Sensor ICs - Honeywell


VF401 2-Wire Fine Pitch Ring Magnet Sensor Datasheet English 166KB
Magnetic Sensors Line Guide Product Line Guide English 377KB

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VF401 Magnetoresistive digital ring magnet speed sensor IC Flat TO-92-style, 500 units/bag Differential bridge


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