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The VM Series Anisotropic Magnetoresistive (AMR) Integrated Circuit (IC) product line is designed to detect the speed and direction of a ring magnet encoder target using a unique (patent pending) bridge design and configuration. The three offerings include 2- and 4-pin AMR sensors to be used in speed, speed and position sensing in transmissions, engine cranks, wheel speed measurement, integrated bearings and seals and for shaft speed measurement in pumps, motors and compressors.

The VF401 is a high performance, digital, 2-wire, MR (magnetoresistive) sensor IC in a miniature, flat, TO-92-style, plastic package. Wide speed capability provides application flexibility with true zero speed sensing and operation up to 3000 Hz. Potential transportation, industrial and medical applications include those with speed encoding using a multipole ring magnet.

The VF526DT latching, dual Hall-effect digital position sensor IC has two distinct Hall sensing elements precisely located 1,4 mm [0.055 in] apart on a single integrated circuit chip. The two active Hall latches provide speed and direction indication of a magnetic gradient (such as a rotating ring magnet) across the face of the package. A unique, regulator circuit provides extremely stable operation with supply voltages from 3.4 Vdc to 24 Vdc. This product can directly interface with many electronic components without buffering or compensation circuitry.

The VG481V1 Back Biased Hall-effect Speed Sensor IC contains a dual peak detecting circuit that is coupled with a Hall-effect element to detect the speed of a ferrous gear tooth target wheel. A biasing magnet provides a changing magnetic field as the target wheel moves past the senor IC. The sensor IC functions in reference to peak and slot magnetic levels. The VG481V1 is zero speed capable after initial startup as long as power is applied.

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