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For manufacturers who need an accurate, reliable, repeatable and durable rotary and angle absolute position sensor for potential use in defense, aerospace, medical and industrial applications. Honeywell Hawk™ Resolvers provide 360° noncontact, angular position sensing and enhanced accuracy (±7 arcmin) for precise motion control.

Resolvers convert mechanical shaft position to an electrical signal which represents the actual shaft angle. They are variable transformers in which the stator has two phase windings mechanically displaced by 90°. The output consists of two sine waves that are phase shifted by 90°.

Resolvers are typically chosen over electronic sensors (i.e., optical encoders, potentiometers, magnetic encoders/sensors) because they do not contain electronics, so they are not susceptible to performance fluctuations in harsh environments. Resolvers are inherently radiation hardened and offer durable EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) performance.

Value to Customers

  • Product delivery: Honeywell’s use of the same components for all standard configurations results in its ability to manufacture production-quality standard devices in 12 weeks versus 20-22 weeks many competitors offer
  • Customizable: Honeywell’s manufacturing process and the variety of features available allow customers to customize the product to meet their application accuracy and size requirements
  • Global support: Honeywell’s worldwide presence offers customers immediate product and application support; many resolver competitors offer either support only in their local manufacturing area, or limited support outside of their manufacturing area
  • Engineering expertise: Honeywell has more than 30 years’ experience providing accurate, reliable, and durable resolvers


  • Multiple configurations: Pancake (bare and simple housed), fully housed and configurations with rotary transformers
  • Operating temperature range: -50.8 °C to 93.3 °C [-60 °F to 200 °F]
  • Excitation frequency range: 800 Hz to 5000 Hz
  • Excitation voltage range: 3 V to 15 V
  • Shock: 50 g, 11 ms
  • Vibration: 15 g, 10 Hz to 2000 Hz
  • Custom trim
  • Custom hub/housing
  • Custom redundant brushless version (two independent resolvers within the same housing)
  • Titanium housing
  • Transformer for 360°+ rotation (continuous)
Honeywell Hawk™ 3-Inch Series


Browse Honeywell Hawk™ 3-Inch Series Products

Product Configuration Outside Diameter Speed Accuracy
D27B14XGABNTB Pancake bare 2.75 in Dual (1X and 16X ) ±25 arcsec
D30D12XGASNTB Pancake simple housed, transformer 3.00 in Dual (1X and 16X ) ±420 arcsec
D30H04XGAG4TB Fully housed, transformer, 360°+ mechanical, not redundant 3.00 in Dual (1X and 16X ) ±25 arcsec
D30P12XGASNTB Pancake simple housed, no transformer, not redundant 3.00 in Dual (1X and 16X ) ±25 arcsec
S27B14XGABNYG Pancake bare 2.75 in Single (1X) ±420 arcsec


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