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The HLC1395 is a miniature infrared sensor designed to sense reflective objects at short distances. Both the GaAs IRED and the NPN phototransistor are mounted side-by-side in a single black plastic package with an integral barrier to minimize crosstalk. The sensor is configured with the IRED cathode and the phototransistor emitter connected to a common lead.

The housing consists of an opaque polysulfone outer shell with transfer-molded, IR-transmissive epoxy encapsulant. Housings are soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones. Recommended cleaning agents are methanol and isopropanol.


HLC1395 Series Reflective Infrared Sensors Catalog Information Catalog Information English 397KB
Infrared Sensors Line Guide Product Line Guide English 1MB

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Product Package Type Housing Material Output Type On-State Collector Current
HLC1395-001 N/A N/A Transistor 0.30 mA
HLC1395-002 N/A N/A Transistor 0.60 mA