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Honeywell reaction torque sensors utilize bonded, strain gauge technology and offer torque measurements from 25 oz-in (0,18 Nm) to ranges of 200000 ft-lb (271000 Nm) A variety of mounting configurations are offered including: Shaft to Shaft, Flange to Flange and Shaft to Flange on the low range models. Honeywell also offers miniature, square drive and special configurations, in addition to several torque watch gauges to measure very low torque. All Honeywell, torque sensors are machined from stainless steel and temperature hardened for low torsional deflection, as well as, temperature compensated for long-term stability.


  • Bonded, strain gauge technology
  • Temperature-hardened stainless steel for long-term stability
  • Measurement capacities from 25 oz-in (0,18 Nm) to 200000 ft-lb (271000 Nm)
  • 0.1% up to 0.25% non-linearity and hysteresis
  • Torque watch gauges to measure 2.5 gm-cm up to 2.8 k gm-cm [0.003 in-oz up to 200 in-oz]
  • Highly configurable to meet your needs; custom options available
Reaction Torque Tranducers - Honeywell


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