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The 3100U Series is a single-pole, single-throw switch activated by a snap-action bimetal disc. The case is laser welded to form a hermetically-sealed steel housing, with a glass-to-metal seal at the terminal junction. Temperature calibrations are pre-set at the factory. Each unit is thermally and mechanically inspected and tamperproof. They are available to open or close on temperature rise. A variety of mounting brackets and terminals is available. Used in high temperature control. 3100U 240 V: UL/CSA approved.


Precision Thermostats Datasheet -- 5MB
Thermostats Line Guide Product Line Guide English 444KB

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Product Functional Properties Open Temperature Close Temperature
3100U 00011458 Open on rise 28.9 °C [75 °F] 18.3 °C [65 °F]
3100U 00031431
3100U 00031431 Open on rise 4.4 °C [40 °F] -6.7 °C [20 °F]
3100U 00031432 Open on rise 10.0 °C [50 °F] -1.1 °C [30 °F]
3100U 00031433 Open on rise 15.6 °C [60 °F] 4.4 °C [40 °F]
3100U 00031434 Open on rise 21.1 °C [70 °F] 10.0 °C [50 °F]
3100U 00031435 Open on rise 26.7 °C [80 °F] 15.6 °C [60 °F]
3100U 00031436 Open on rise 32.2 °C [90 °F] 21.1 °C [70 °F]
3100U 00031437 Open on rise 37.8 °C [100 °F] 26.7 °C [80 °F]
3100U 00031438 Open on rise 43.3 °C [110 °F] 32.2 °C [90 °F]