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Honeywell MKV Potentiometers offer a cost effective way of obtaining high accuracy, long life position feedback. Honeywell has many years of experience in successfully providing high reliability/high performance products to the military and aerospace industries and continues to expand that technical capability to the low cost/high performance industrial and commercial segments.
Precision Conductive Plastic Potentiometers, MKV - Honeywell


MKV Series Datasheet English 895KB
Position Sensors Range Guide Product Range Guide English 3MB

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Product Resistance Value Shaft Diameter
F78BA102 1 kOhm 3,18 mm [0.125 in]
F78BA102-B1 1 kOhm 6,35 mm [0.25 in]
F78BA103 10 kOhm 3,18 mm [0.125 in]
F78BA103-B1 10 kOhm 6,35 mm [0.25 in]
F78BA502 5 kOhm 3,18 mm [0.125 in]
F78BA502-B1 5 kOhm 6,35 mm [0.25 in]
F78BB102 1 kOhm 3,18 mm [0.125 in]
F78BB102-B1 1 kOhm 6,35 mm [0.25 in]
F78BB103 10 kOhm 3,18 mm [0.125 in]
F78BB103-B1 10 kOhm 6,35 mm [0.25 in]


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