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The SDP8405 is an NPN silicon phototransistor transfer molded in a T-1 clear plastic package. Transfer molding of this device assures superior optical centerline performance compared to other molding processes. Lead lengths are staggered to provide a simple method of polarity identification.
SDP8405 Plastic & Ceramic Package Phototransistors - Honeywell

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Product Package Material Angular Response (Degree) Power Dissipation
SDP8405-001 Plastic 20 70 mW
SDP8405-002 Plastic 20 70 mW
SDP8405-003 Plastic 20 70 mW
SDP8405-012 Plastic 20 70 mW
SDP8405-013 Plastic 20 70 mW
SDP8405-014 Plastic 20 70 mW
SDP8405-015 Plastic 20 70 mW


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