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The SMD2420 series surface mount infrared components are small ceramic packages (0.15 in x 0.10 in x 0.083 in/3.81 mm x 2.54 mm x 2.1 mm) with glass lenses. The lens minimizes cross talk and often eliminates the need for apertures in non-critical applications. The low profile components may be mounted on the printed circuit board, lens up or inverted, allowing flexibility in layouts for multiple channel and custom arrays. When mounted lens down over a hole in the PC board, the lens is hidden, lowering overall package height.

The SMD2420 series photodiode is especially useful in applications requiring linear response or high switching speed.

These components are available in bulk, or on tape and reel for use with automatic placement equipment.

SMD2420 series photodiode detectors - Honeywell


SME/SMD Series Ceramic Discrete Surface Mount Emitters and Detectors Datasheet English 98KB
Infrared Sensors Line Guide Product Line Guide English 1MB
Photodiodes Technical Information English 74KB
Optoelectronics for Mouse and Shaft Encoder Applications Technical Information English 213KB

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Product Package Type Angular Response (Degree) Light Current Minimum Power Dissipation
SMD2420-001 Surface Mount (Glass Lens) 28 6.0 µA 125 mW
SMD2420-011 Surface Mount (Glass Lens) 28 6.0 µA 125 mW
SMD2420-021 Surface Mount (Glass Lens) 28 6.0 µA 125 mW


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